Ketterlinus Elementary School Registration Information

You must reside in the Ketterlinus School Zone with valid ‘proof of residency’ or have an approved Zone Waiver in order to register.

Students will not be registered unless all items are brought to school at the time of registration.

Registration packets will be available at the front desk for school year 2018-19. Online registration only for school year 2019-2020.

Out of County Transfers: If your child is transferring from another Florida County, please provide us with vailid proof of residency, health documents (see registration requirements) and current report card from exiting school. This will allow for proper grade placement.

Out of State Transfers: If you are transferring into Florida for the first time, please note that students are required to have a physical exam dated within 12 months of the first day of school. Please contact your current physicians office before relocating to obtain a copy of your child’s most current physical as well as a copy of your child’s complete immunization records. ** Out of state immunizations must be transferred to Florida Form HRS-680 within 30 days of the registration.

2018-2019  Registration Packet:

SJCSD Change of Address Form

SJCSD Registration Residency and Health Information

Registration packets will also be available at Ketterlinus.



Are you ZONED to attend Ketterlinus? Check the Attendance Zone Locator.


Registrar: Cynthia Lafontaine 

Phone: 904-547-8546 Fax: 904-547-8554

email: [email protected]