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During the next quarter, we will be preparing for our state assessment, Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).  Students in grade 3, 4, and 5 will be taking the FSA.   This year all Florida State assessments will be paper-based.  So, what about those testing jitters?  What are they and what are some tips to overcome that feeling?

Anxiety or worry is that constant feeling or thought that prevents you from doing things and things you enjoy.  Now, we may all not enjoy testing but we do want to be at a place where we can show our best work.  Some tip:

  1. Be prepared as best you can. That means learn as much as you can about the test.  What day is it? How long is it? Are there breaks? How many days? What happens is I am out sick one day?  Yes, all those questions can be answered.
  2. Let your body and mind be well-rested. Get a good night’s sleep and allow your brain to free itself of clutter.  Listen to music, take a 1-minute mental vacation, think about something funny.
  3. Organize your time – get things ready the night before so you aren’t rushed. Have a plan and follow the plan.
  4. Have a testing buddy – Buddy up with another student and be each other’s cheerleader and coach. Study together, share your concerns and be that friend you can go to with even the slightest or silliest thought.
  5. Maintain your energy – Let your body and mind exercise! Run, walk, skip, or hop!  A body and mind that are active keeps the blahs and yawns away.  Brain exercise?  Try word finds, Mad Libs or crossword puzzles for fun!  This also means eating healthy!  Have a nutritious breakfast and eat your fruits and veggies.  They give you staying power.
  6. Reward yourself – Yes, do something fun! You probably will not have any homework during testing week so that is a great time to do something that allows you to smile and have fun.

More information can be found at or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


April 5th – 4th and 5th grade Writing

April 7th and 8th – 3rd grade Reading


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