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Welcome to KES Health Clinic! I am Nurse Lindsay

The clinic provides a vital service for our students at Ketterlinus. I always extend an open door policy for students, parents, teachers, and staff. My hours in the clinic are from 7:55am to 3:25 pm, Monday-Friday. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email me. I will be happy to answer any questions!

My goal is to keep our students healthy, safe, and in school.


Contact information: Clinic Number: (904) 547-8552 Fax: (904) 547-8554 Email: [email protected]

Medical Forms

**Medication forms must be submitted EVERY school year and/ or if any changes are made to the type of medication or dosag3e.**



My child feels sick, should he/she stay home? Deciding when to keep your child home from school can be difficult. Please refer to our districts ILLNESS GUIDELINES

Here are some guidelines when a child should stay home:

· Fever greater than 100.4 degrees

· Chills

· General tiredness or not feeling good

· Frequent congested (wet) or croup-sounding cough

· Lots of nasal congestion with frequent blowing of nose

· Vomiting (even just once)

· Diarrhea

· Stomach pain that is accompanied by repeated vomiting or diarrhea. Note: if your child complains of stomach pain for several days, you should call your doctor for advice.

· Symptoms of cold or flu

The two biggest factors when deciding whether a child can attend school is whether he or she is well enough to take part in activities and whether the child’s condition will require more attention from teachers or staff than is possible. What if my child needs to take medication during school hours? A Medication Authorization Form will need to be signed by the parent/guardian and completed by your doctor for ANY medication. Just a gentle reminder about medications in St. John’s County School District; Over the counter medications (OTC) include: Chap-stick, Sunscreen, Cough drops, Antacids, medicated lotions, Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin etc. These meds can be kept in the clinic with a completed Medication Administration Form. Students are not allowed to keep any OTC or RX medications in their possession, except for inhalers, without authorization from their physician. Please remember that the school does not keep stock medications. Thanks in advance for taking a minute to review the Medication Policy


Additional Info for parents