After School Enrichment



The Cove program offers outside businesses contracted by the St. Johns County school district.  Enrichment activities require a monthly fee and must also be paid in advance of services rendered.  As a convenience for our parents and students Extended Day acts as a liaison between you and the vendor offering these additional services.   Registration forms are available through the Extended Day office or Front Office.    Enrichment group involvement requires a $25 annual registration fee* to The Cove.  The registration fee is a one time fee that is valid for all enrichment groups.

2017/18 Enrichment Clubs:

North Florida Martial Arts 

Chess Club


L.E.E. Spanish

Building Minds

Golf Squad

Prachee Arts

Good News Flier

Good News Sign Up

Tennis- Contact Harold Hardy @ 608-347-8687 OR [email protected]

**KES Art Camp, L.E.E. Spanish, KES Chorus/Prep Band, and Good News Club do not require a registration fee**

Registration Form for After School Enrichment groups