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What is Accelerated Reader (AR) ?

“Accelerated Reader is a guided reading intervention used to supplement regular reading instruction in K–12 classrooms. Its aim is to improve students’ reading skills through reading practice and quizzes on the books students read. The Accelerated Reader program calls for students to select and read a book and then take a computerized quiz based on the book’s content and vocabulary. The computer software then provides teachers with information on the student’s performance on the quiz, which allows teachers to monitor student progress and identify students who may need more reading assistance.”
from Institute of Education Sciences

Books are assigned points based upon their length and difficulty. Student may earn these points based upon their quiz score. A score of 100% earns all of the possible points assigned to that book but scores below 70% earn no points. It is very important that students select books that they will successfully read and recall. Each child has a ZPD or AR range that should allow for their individual reading success. Parents are encouraged to follow their child’s progress on Renaissance Home Connect. Login using your child’s student number as the Username and your child’s initials (first and last name) for the Password.

  • Students must read books that are within their reading range as specified by their teacher.
  • Students must answer questions without assistance.
  • Students must score 80% or better on AR quizzes.
  • Students must quiz on books read during this school year.