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11/1/2023- In early October, the Food and Nutrition Service Department (FNS) was notified by our dairy provider of a nationwide milk carton shortage.  Whereas in the past we would serve 3-4 varieties of milk, we are currently down to 2 varieties (1% white and Skim Chocolate).

Projections have the dairy running out of chocolate containers by the first week of November.  All efforts are being made to continue to have 1% white milk available until all other varieties come back in stock around the first of the year.

FNS will continue to work with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service to provide approved alternative beverage choices, most likely juice and water, for meals going forward.

-Mike Baker, Director

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  • ALL students are issued a meal account and personal identification number (PIN).
  • The PIN will remain the same throughout their stay at Ketterlinus Elementary School.
  • Prepayment is encouraged as it assists with the movement of students through the line.
  • The Cafeteria accepts cash or checks (no credit/debit cards). Please write your child’s name on the memo line of the check, and make check out to Ketterlinus Elementary Cafeteria. Prepayments to your child’s account with a credit card can be made through It is recommended that everyone sign up for a PayPAMS account to monitor your child’s purchases as well as their balances.
  • Account Balances, either positive or negative, from the previous school year will roll into the new school year. Balances will follow your child to another school if the school is in St. Johns County District.
  • Free and Reduced Meal Application can be completed online for numerous discounts and benefits.
  • We offer a variety of fresh fruits and veggies to our students daily. Students may select 2 fruits for their complete breakfast and 1 fruit and/or 1-2 vegetables for their complete lunch.
  • In order for the cafeteria to provide free breakfast and/or lunch to the students, each child must have the following items on their lunch tray when they arrive at the register: BREAKFAST: Student may take 3-4 items, at least one item must be a fruit/juice. LUNCH: Student may take 3-5 items, at least one item must be a fruit or vegetable (they may take 2 vegetables at lunch). If students do not meet the minimum requirements listed above, they will be charged a la carte pricing. Milk is not required for breakfast or lunch.