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Welcome to our student page! Pick a topic and explore. Check back often as my list of links grow. Have fun.

General Language Arts Math Science Social Studies



Houghton Mifflin Word List Surfing the Net with Kids All Subject PowerPoints TSL Worksheets
Kidport PBScyberchase Interactive Subjects ToonUniversity
Manners BBC Bitesize


Language Arts

Kdg Games Dositey Reading Games Webster Word Central
Game Station GameGoo Kdg Bookshelf Games Free Rice



MIKids Sheppard Math Games Math is Fun Math Magician Games
AAA Math Cool Math Division Tips
Divisibility Rules Division Drill Math Playground Dositey Math
Java Games APlusMath Worksheets PlayKidsGames CyberChallenge
Scarsoft Math Room 108 Math Snork’s Long Division Math Links
NumberNut Mrs. Lowe’s Class Links Math Skills Practice Links Kidport Angles
MathInteractiveLinks Mrs. Rentz’s Links Kids Banking Moneyville



General Science Simple Machines Inventions Environment Health
Kids Go Wild Rube Goldberg Kids Zone Kids Geo Nature ChallengeforKids
Science Monster Edheads Definition EcoKids Digestive System
Sci4Kids Definition and Quiz Kids Page Kid’s Air
Kids’ Links School Zone InventorEd American Red Cross
Alligator Farm MIKids Zoom by Kids NIEHS Links
Fountain of Youth WebQuest World Almanac for Kids Ben’s Guide Solar System
Science Learning Network Simple Machine Info Inventors Outdoor Explorers Scholastic
Geography4Kids Bill Nye Inventors and Inventions FEMA for Kids Science Monster
Simple Machine Links Inventors Workshop Farmers Almanac for Kids Trading Cards
Inventions by Kids Science News NinePlanets
Weather History of Inventions Earth and Sky Star Child
EdHeads Machines 4 Kids Food Chain Astronomy
Weather WizKids Invention Links Kid’s Corner Animals WorldAlmanac
Kids Web Weather Tinkerball Farmers Almanac Kids Astronomy
Weather Basics Totally Absurd Brain Pop ManateeSolarSystem
Franklin’s Forecast World Almanac for Kids Switch-A-Roo
NOAA Photo Library Universe
KidStorms Forming Rocks Wonders of Space
Scholastic Weather Rocks and Soil Kids Astronomy
NOAA KidsPage Rock Photos NASA
FEMA Disaster Area Soil
NOAA Education Rocks
Weather Eye FEMA Volcanoes
Owlie Skywarn Discovery Volcanoes
Weather Pals


Social Studies

SS for Kids Kids Natural Resources St. Augustine History1 Florida Indians
Bodies of Water EEK! St. Augustine History2 Tocobaga Indians
Groundwater EPA Student Center St. Augustine Lighthouse Tocobaga History
Natural Resources Florida Environment St. Augustine – Wikipedia Tocobaga 1
Tallahassee Florida Kids Oldest House Tocobaga 2
Maps4Kids Florida Almanac US Presidents Tocobaga 3
Kids Info Maps Florida Kids Page Whitehouse for Kids
National Atlas
Map Skills


April Fun Knock Knock