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Summer 2021 KES Summer Reading Challenge

KES Summer Reading Challenge!

Students always look forward to our Back-to-School BINGO Party! Want to come? Just follow the steps below and YOU will be invited for BINGO, snacks, prizes, & FUN!


-Read all directions and sign below that you understand The KES Summer Reading Challenge.

-Ask your parent to sign below so they know their responsibilities.

-Complete a task & write the date.

-Ask your parent to write their initials in the box.

-Return to the media specialist in the KES media center BY AUGUST  14!


Student Signature _____________________________________________________

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________


The more you read, the longer you get to stay and play BINGO!

10 Challenges complete: 2 rounds of BINGO

15 Challenges complete: 3 rounds of BINGO

20 Challenges complete: 4 rounds of BINGO

ALL 25 Challenges complete: 6 rounds of BINGO


Happy Summer! Mrs. Hammond + Mrs. Cyndie




Student Name ____________________________________________________

Grade (in 2021-2022)   _______

Date Task Parent Initials
1 Read aloud to a parent
2 Read a menu
3 Read two books by the same author
4 Read at the beach
5 Read with a flashlight
6 Read to a pet or stuffed animal
7 Read a magazine
8 Listen to an adult read to you for 15 minutes
9 Read a book with a color or number in the title
10 Read a book recommended by a librarian
11 Read outside
12 Read a non-fiction book
13 Read in a tent- a real or a homemade one!
14 Read to an adult who is not your parent
15 Read a book set in another country or world
16 Read in your yard
17 Read a biography
18 Read a book recommended by a friend
19 Whisper read
20 Read a book from a series
21 Read to a sibling or a friend
22 Read a book with non-human characters
23 Read a recipe
24 Read before even getting out of bed
25 Read a book your parent read as a child

Number of tasks completed _____

My favorite book I read this summer was: