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 Guidance Groups

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As a school counselor one of the key ways that I assist students is through small groups. As life happens, there are times that rock our world and our sense of security. During these times, kids often feel anxious and have difficuty being emotionally available to learn. Being a part of a small group enables students to express themselves more openly, without having to worryabout how others will view them while learning and practicing new skills in a safe environment. It has been my experience that when kids know there is a safe place and time allotted for them to talk about these things, they can be more focused during academic instruction. Groups are need-based usually meeting for 4-8 weekly 30 minute sessions. Students must have parent permission to participate in a small group. Confidentiality is respected but I will contact parents if specific concerns arise. I have included information about groups I have offered in the past. Of course I will offer additional groups as needs arrise. If you have specific concerns or ‘issues’ you are dealing with, please call, email or stop by my office.


  •  to provide a safe place to express feelings
  • to validate feelings through sharing
  • to help children in problem solving and coping skills
  • to increase self esteem by realizing they are not the only ones with special needs
  • to support parents and school staff in working with kids
  • to increase communication among children, parents, and school