SSYRA Rewards

Grades 3-5 students are invited to read books that are nominated to win the Sunshine State Young Readers Award & earn Brag Tag & PRIZES!

-Read 3 books by March 29 & VOTE (in April) for the book you feel deserves the SSYRA! REAL voting booths come to KES for this event!

-Read 10 books by March 1 & choose to participate in the Battle of the Books try-outs! Our district-wide Battle of the Books will be held in April or May.

-Read 10 books by May 1 & come to our SSYRA Party (late May).

-Read 15 books by May 1 & take home an SSYRA TROPHY (late May).

Come to the media center anytime on Wednesdays to collect your dog tags!